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We are happy to provide references from our current contract list or to provide you with addresses that you may visit a site and judge the cleanliness for yourselves.


I am impressed I have to say, and very happy especially with the support in stocking the fridge.

Walking in on Monday, and this morning was fantastic to see everything where it should be much appreciated.


Please continue the routine you are currently doing, and I will email you in advance should there be any client lunches or events lined up in my absence. (extra plates etc.)

But It clear to see from my email I am pleased, and looking forward to working with you.

Everything looked great today, thank you. Charlene noticed everything was tidy, drinks fridge was stocked, meetings rooms were tidy, shower room was tidy, cleaners cupboard was tidy etc etc etc – she noticed everything.

I'm really happy with floor and toilets on your deep clean and how the building was brought up to scratch. A lot of compliments on the floor and it's very noticeable so, thank you and hope we can maintain this as very happy. Thanks for your work so far. Regards. Pete!

The Manager

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