Health & Safety

We hold an employee and public liability insurance with coverage totaling £5,000,000 in both cases to protect both yourselves, ourselves and our valued employees. COSHH manuals are available for all chemicals used and we ensure our staff are fully trained in their safe use and correct storage.

We are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and hold a current contract with NatWest Mentor service to undertake all our Health and Safety consultancy to ensure we remain so. Our contracts are all risk assessed and our staff fully trained on all aspects of their work.

We will work with you to ensure the safety of your site, your business and your employees as we work together to ensure you are provided with the clean building you deserve.


Copy of Yeabu Public Liability Insurance

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Making a Complaint

For complaints please always contact us directly on 0207 231 3159 or send an email via our Contact form.

We know that sometimes things can go pear shaped. This is why our main focus is to provide you with the highest level of customer service. If there’s a problem please let us know and we’ll try to provide a solution as quickly as possible. As soon as you contact us about a complaint we will:

  • try to deal with your complaint within 48 hours
  • if this isn’t possible, we will send you a letter within five working days confirming who will be handling your complaint
  • after investigating your complaint, we promise to respond as quickly as possible

When sending an email, please include your phone number, so we can contact you regarding your complaint. We will contact you Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.

When sending emails you should remember not to include any personal, financial or banking details, as this method is not a secure way of supplying information.

Yeabu Services

  • cleaning contracts

  • office cleaning

  • window cleaning

  • hard flooring cleans

  • deep cleans

  • one off cleans

  • pressure washing

  • washroom cleaning

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